I am drawn to the wild elements of nature, the mystical tales of enchantment and the eclectic nomadic lifestyle of a bohemian gypsy. Growing up in Northern NSW in a surfing family I was surrounded by art, music and beach culture, this is where I first founded my passion for creativity and design. With a strong love for beach culture, snow seasons and fashion my fascination for fabrics and bold stand out patterns began.



Working as a full time textile designer and as a freelancer designer has allowed me to further my design skills and combine my passion for colour, pattern, drawing, painting and fashion. Seasonal colours, trends, and stand out patterns influence my creativity. I love combining hand-generated artwork with computer-aided design, this enables me to develop creative original pattern lengths and placement prints. I have also extensive knowledge in printing techniques, both screen and digital printing. I am highly skilled in the computer programs; Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 

Graduating from RMIT Textile Design degree in 2011 gave me a strong understanding and passion for constructed and printed textiles and an industry leading skill set.

My artistic process is an entangled mix of pencil drawings, ink lines and painterly textures. Inspiration is drawn from travelling, blogs and the creative world around me. My excitement for life and design, especially Textile Design grows more and more everyday with each achievement.

I look forward to working with you x